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PoorsLogger V.
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15 October 2020 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 18-02-2019)
  • Fixed erroneus setting of the maximum logging file size in the "Configuration Settings" page.
  • Adding the new version of the EFI's Logger Interface Real Time Clock Manager (V.
PoorsLogger V.
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10 May 2023 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 10-05-2023)
  •  This release is developed using the QT 5.15 framework;
  •  An error is no longer signaled if an ECT Device channel has the value of the 'Address' field empty: now the channel is ignored;
  •  Updated channel search management both in the Device Channels List and in the Configuration Channels List;
  •  Updated the management of the configuration of the channels to acquire: the values of the cc_phy_min and cc_phy_max fields of the CC section of the MDF file are no longer the corresponding values 'Min val.' and 'Max val.' of the ECT Device, but those of the 'Min val. pers' and 'Max val. pers.';
  •  From now the ECT Device channels that cannot be acquired are displayed and highlighted with a color in the Device Channels List;
  •  Fixed the management of the sign of the ECT Device channels which have representation 'HEX WITH BYTE ORDER' and 'HEX WITHOUT BYTE ORDER';
  •  Now also the channels of the ECT Device which have a 'BINARY' representation can be acquired;