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PseudoProgrammer V.
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13 May 2022 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 13-05-2022)
  • Fixed bug in the handling of the EFI communication interface: it was not correctly waiting for the timeout of 2.5 seconds to expire the request for exclusive use of the interface to the communication server;

    PseudoProgrammer (Windows 7 and later)

    PseudoProgrammer V.
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    10 February 2023 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 17-01-2023)
    • Fixed bug when accessing the EFI communication interfaces: the loop manager function was called Windows events in an uncontrolled way, potentially causing problems for calling applications;
    • Updated installer generation script: the installation is performed only if the operating system is at least Windows7 or above;
    • Added support for using unicode string;