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PseudoProgrammer V.
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13 May 2022 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 13-05-2022)
  • Fixed bug in the handling of the EFI communication interface: it was not correctly waiting for the timeout of 2.5 seconds to expire the request for exclusive use of the interface to the communication server;

    PseudoProgrammer (Windows 7 and later)

    PseudoProgrammer V.
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    10 February 2023 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 18-09-2023)
    • Added the management of the reprogramming of EFI USB dongles. This can be executed only if the EFILibDongle library V. or higher has been installed;
    • Fixed bug when converting the contents of .TAB files to binary format;
    • Added new menu' item in the mainbar for show command line options;
    • Modified the NSIS script for creating the installer: to try to eliminate write access rights problems file in the %PROGRAMDATA%\EFI Technology\PseudoProgrammer folder, this is no longer created during installation phase; during unistall procedure the %PROGRAMDATA%\EFI Technology\PseudoProgrammer folder will be deleted only if this is empty.
    PseudoProgrammer V.
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    5 February 2024 New features and fixed problems in version (Released 19-01-2024)
    • Remove the verification of the presence of the files indicated in the recent files list to avoid startup delays occurred when the files reside in network drives.
    • Modified the reprogramming automaton of Ferrari devices with protocol UDS on ISO15765 to try to resolve issues with the device FRK26.
    • Fixed bug in the reception of ISO15765 protocol segmented messages: if a First Frame has not been received, any Consecutive Frame received will be ignored.
    • Modified the management of displayed user messages during reprogramming.